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Healthy Choices, Happy Life

With nine essential vitamins and minerals — and no artificial growth hormones — just add Hiland Dairy milk to make your day healthier and happier. Choose tasty, nutrient-packed milk for snacks, baking or a classic bowl of cereal. You’ll feel good knowing that local dairy farmers are the reason for that undeniable taste of fresh, pure milk.

Skim Milk

1% Milk

2% Milk

Extra Skim Milk

Healthy Never Tasted So Good

Made with fresh, pure milk from local Hiland Dairy farmers, chocolate milk is a healthy reward. Packed with protein and nine essential nutrients, no beverage is better than chocolate milk for refueling after a serious workout.

Treat yourself to an everyday indulgence that's good for you — enjoy chocolate milk from Hiland Dairy.

2% Chocolate Milk

World Dairy Expo
Award Winner

1% Chocolate Milk